Upadtes on Lipgloss

Hi Babes,

I am back from my holiday.

I would like to update which of the LED lip gloss are in stock, ready for beautiful babes to grab them.

1. Honey Peach ---- Yes
2. Baby Pink --------- No
3. Natural Nude ------No
4. Seductive Pink ---- No
5. Innocent Clear ---- No

(From left to right)

Limited stock left, hence send in your order fast to reserve the coolest LED Lip gloss.

Thank you.

Email your order B4 15 June 2010...

Hi Gals,

I will be taking a break this June Holiday.

Please take note that, I will be away from 15 June to 23 June 2010.

I can't reply any of the email unless I can find Wifi internet access in that country. :)

However, you can send me order of the LED lip gloss while i am on holiday.

I will reply you when I am back.

The last day of mailing will be this coming Friday 11 June 2010.

Any other emails which I received later than this Friday will be send out when I am back on the 24 June 2010.

Till then,

Have a happy day!!!

Thank you!

Hi gals,

Thank you for support.

All the Baby Pink and Natural Nude LED lip gloss are now with their happy owners.

The Honey Peach, Seductive Pink and Innocent Clear are still waiting for their admirer.

They are as beautiful as Baby Pink and Natural Nude, I love them all.

If you wish to own the Baby Pink and Natural Nude LED lip gloss, please send in your order in to xinxin.ng@gmail.com

The waiting time will be about 2 weeks.

If you do not wish to wait, please consider Honey Peach, Seductive Pink and Innocent Clear.

They are ready in stock. :)

Once again,

thank you very much!