The Baby Pink

The Baby Pink LED lip gloss can have dual function.

1) applied on nude lip to add shine on your natural lip colour,

2) applied over your favorite lipstick colours to create different look each day.

Actually, the Baby Pink LED lip gloss is award by the Fashion Guide in Taiwan.

It is the only LED lip gloss among the 5 LED lip gloss that comes with the award sticker.

1. Honey Peach
2. Baby Pink
3. Natural Nude
4. Seductive Pink
5. Innocent Clear

(From left to right)

A Review by a blogger!

Check it out!! A fabulous write-up by Meting on her blog.

I am glad that she loves the lip gloss and all her gal friends went excited about it.

Thank you for the review!

Happy Holiday Tomorrow!!!

Hi gals,

I have received a few orders and I have not received some of the ibanking transfer payment yet.

If you are able to transfer the payment by today, I will be able to post the LED lip gloss to you by today.

You should able to received the Lip gloss on NEXT Monday.

I will be away for holiday in Malaysia from tomorrow till Sunday.

Will not be able to reply any emails.

I will definitely reply you on Monday morning and prepare the Lip gloss to be posted.

All LED Lip gloss are wrap in the bubbles wrap to prevent from breaking.

Happy Holiday!!!

what is Pharmaceutical Garde?

Replying to Charmaine,


There are 3 different grade in Cosmetic industry.

Industrial - This grade is used for other industrial applications.

Cosmetic - This grade is more refined than the industrial grade and is used in “Over-The-Counter” skin care and cosmetics. Products formulated with this grade ingredient are for the most part harmless. There will be nothing in them that will harm your skin, if using the correct product for your skin type; in turn, there is nothing in them that will do anything to improve the skin.

Pharmaceutical - This grade is used only in professional products because there are things that will most definitely make your skin react, in term of improving the skin texture. For this reason some of the professional products are sold by estheticians, dermatologists, medical doctors, and plastic surgeons.

Being the 1st pharmaceutical graded lip gloss, basically it is trying to say that the quality of the ingredient list in the lip gloss is in pharmaceutical grade.

Other than just for overall aesthetics appearance, this lip gloss is able to protect your lip from aging, improving lip lines and keep your lip moist and QQ.


According to the Skin Lab from National Taiwan University, they have done a experiment on it's antioxidant properties in the lip gloss.

It shows that the apple that is coated with Vinci LED Lip Gloss is still in it's original colour after 8 hours. However, the other apple turns dark yellow after a while.



This is what I received by a customer from SMS.

This is the most amazing lip gloss ever. I discovered the joy of the light by accident in the middle of a movie. I can apply the gloss and keep my lip free from dryness. I am seriously addicted to this beautiful gloss.

Joan Lim
9XXX 1130

The first pharmaceutical graded!

The Skin lab from National Taiwan University created the first pharmaceutical grade of lip gloss!

Tested by SGS* (third party lab)

  • No antibiotics
  • No heavy metal
  • No lead (plumbum)
  • No health-threatening chemical additives
  • No bacteria and no impurities

*SGS Multi-Chemical Laboratory Taiwan are equipped with the most advanced precision testing instruments, providing businesses and consumers with specialized, comprehensive testing services that you can’t find elsewhere.

6 Benefits of the lip gloss

Translated from the Chinese wordings.

Vitamin E – Good antioxidant, reduce fine lines on the lips and regain the silky smoothness.

Vitamin C – Reduce the pigmentation in the lips, retain the baby pinkish colour of your lips.

Highly purified Hyaluronic Acid – Excellent water-locking capacity and form the water trap on the lips. Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.

Raspberry Scent – Attractive sweet fragrance, refreshing yet seducing.

Microsphere of diamond crystal – Highly recommended by artists and make up expert, the Japan light crystal give your lips the 3-D feel and the glittering shines.

Arrived in Singapore today!

Hi gals,

The LED lip gloss is arrived in Singapore today.

Five beautiful colours to choose from.

I will send out the lip gloss by today.

Happy using the lip gloss... :)