what is Pharmaceutical Garde?

Replying to Charmaine,


There are 3 different grade in Cosmetic industry.

Industrial - This grade is used for other industrial applications.

Cosmetic - This grade is more refined than the industrial grade and is used in “Over-The-Counter” skin care and cosmetics. Products formulated with this grade ingredient are for the most part harmless. There will be nothing in them that will harm your skin, if using the correct product for your skin type; in turn, there is nothing in them that will do anything to improve the skin.

Pharmaceutical - This grade is used only in professional products because there are things that will most definitely make your skin react, in term of improving the skin texture. For this reason some of the professional products are sold by estheticians, dermatologists, medical doctors, and plastic surgeons.

Being the 1st pharmaceutical graded lip gloss, basically it is trying to say that the quality of the ingredient list in the lip gloss is in pharmaceutical grade.

Other than just for overall aesthetics appearance, this lip gloss is able to protect your lip from aging, improving lip lines and keep your lip moist and QQ.


According to the Skin Lab from National Taiwan University, they have done a experiment on it's antioxidant properties in the lip gloss.

It shows that the apple that is coated with Vinci LED Lip Gloss is still in it's original colour after 8 hours. However, the other apple turns dark yellow after a while.



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